Santanu Dash
Santanu and I are studying multimodal software engineering and the data-driven construction of programs.

David Landsberg
David and I are working on casual approach to software fault localisation.

Nassim Seghir
Nassim and I are working on the identifying, cataloguing, and exploiting SubTuring islands.

Jie Zhang
Jie and I are working on automatically detecting patch overfitting.


First Supervisor (Advisor)

Zheng Gao (with Mark Harman as second)
Zheng and I are quantifying the effectiveness of type systems and seeking to exploit my time-traveling debugger work for root cause analysis.

Alex Marginean (co-first with Mark Harman)
Alex and I are working on bespoke program analysis and automated software transplantation.

Carlos Gavidia (co-first with Mark Harman)
Along with Federica Sarro, Carlos and I are applying game theory to the analysis of software processes.

Michail Basios (with Ilya Sergey as second)
Mike and I are working to apply multiobjective optimization to the problem of program optimization and to optimize and formulate secure development processes for the blockchain.

Profir-Petru Partachi (with David Clark as second)
Profir and I are tapping into natural language data sources to guide testing.

Iason Papapanagiotakis-Bousy (co-first with David Clark)
Iason, David and I are applying program analysis techniques to create a framework that bounds the probability of program equivalence. We are also looking into formalizing external obfuscation engines and learning rewriting rules that approximate them from their output.

David Kelly (co-first with David Clark)
Along with David Clark, David and I are working on merging gradual and information flow typing to support security aware programming.

Second Supervisor (co-Advisor)

Irene Vlassi-Pandi (Charles Sutton is first supervisor; Andy Gordon is co-second.)
Irene, Charles, Andy, and I are applying ML to the problem of reducing the annotation tax of types in programming languages.

Saheed Busari (Emmanuel Letier is first supervisor)
Robert Bruce (Justyna Petke is first supervisor)
Oni Olawole (Emmanuel Letier is first supervisor)
Glen Anderson (Peter Coveney is first supervisor)
Daniel Bruce (David Clark is first supervisor)
Robert White (Jens Krinke is first supervisor)



David White
David and I continue to collaborate on applying metaheuristics and machine learning to programming problems.